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The power of Social Media Marketing cannot be ignored. It is the best tool for reaching locally based customers in Bahrain, while also targeting national and global leads. Perpetual can provide you with a social media strategy that will target relevant customers and spread all-too-valuable word-of-mouth about how great your business is.

Social Media Advertising

While Social Media Advertising is very effective, it can be tricky to master considering the platforms are constantly changing the rules. We can help you to reach your audience, creating quality leads that will turn into new business. Let us help you promote content that reaches people who are looking for it, in turn, likely to become your new customer.

Why Use Perpetual?

The competition in Bahrain, and especially online, is vast. It’s easy to get lost in the sea of noise, your message being swallowed up by countless others. Perpetual is a Social Media agency that can help you create a strategy that will make you rise above the crowd and be seen.


Instagram has made huge moves in the online photo and video sharing world. Six in ten online adults have Instagram accounts with a total of 500 million daily users. It’s easy for businesses, either big or small to see the huge potential of Instagram marketing.


Facebook has over 2.2 billion monthly active users. Your friends are on it, your mum’s on it, other companies are on it, even your nine-year-old neighbour is on it – so why isn’t your business?


3 billion snaps are created and sent each day through Snapchat. Currently in competition with the newer Instagram Stories but this doesn’t take away from the fact that this is still a hugely popular platform across the world with awesome marketing potential. 


Twitter brings in around 330 million monthly active users. According to a recent study it of online marketers it was found that 63.5% stated that Twitter marketing resulted in their highest ROI our of all marketing platforms they used. 



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