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Feasibility study in Kuwait

Feasibility Study

Before committing to a new venture in Kuwait, understand the viability of any products and services and the local industry with a feasibility analysis.

The nature of the Kuwait market is often volatile, and having up-to-date, relevant knowledge is priceless. The data will assist with understanding the amount of capital you will require, as well as a range of others certainties you should have before embarking in a new business.

A feasibility study will research and provide useful data on:

– Product safety

– The Market gap

– Research and development (R&D) 

– Competing products

– Customer usage

– The competition

– Industry growth and stability

– Trade barriers

The early stage of any business process is the time when you should already be well informed. Understand your business feasibility and structure, the required levels of investment, and above all, how to generate income.


Perpetual Can Help

We want your business idea to become a profitable reality, and we know how to make that happen. A feasibility study from Perpetual will assess your business plan, and provide expected outcomes based on market research and financial forecasts. The Perpetual team has extensive experience evaluating and providing economic and project feasibility analysis for private and public-sector clients in Saudi Arabia (Riyadh & Jeddah), Bahrain, Kuwait, and Dubai

Other Services

Financial Modeling

Delivering financial forecasts that can save you valuable time, and suggesting the best mix of debt and equity to obtain to help you plan for a successful future.


Understand the true financial value of your business with a business valuation from Perpetual.

Business consulting

We support our clients and help them navigate through the myriad of business choices and challenges, prioritising those which make sense to them and arriving at solutions that best fit their needs.



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