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financial consultant in bahrain

Financial consulting

Preparation is critical when it comes to significant business decisions and major potential changes. A financial advisor helps you with that preparation by assessing your business model, reviewing and drafting strategies and setting timelines to ensure profit growth.

The team at Perpetual focus on helping Bahrain based businesses to grow and plan for the future with detailed and relevant outcomes to the company and market.

1. Adding a qualified financial advisor to your team

2. Saving money via their strategy

3. Situating yourself in the optimal position for future growth

4. Organizing personal finances in conjunction with the business  

By Utilizing A Financial Planner, You Are

Cost Reduction

Financial Planning isn’t a cost; it’s a saving. A financial advisor in Bahrain saves you time and money while helping to improve and grow your business.

Good financial advice will open you up to opportunities you may be unaware of while avoiding risk. With financial advice from Perpetual, you can rest easy knowing that the future of your business is secure.

Other Services

Financial Modeling

Perpetual can become a valuable extension of your team; delivering financial forecasts that can save you valuable time, and suggesting the best mix of debt and equity to obtain to help you plan for a successful future.


A fair valuation of the business will help business leaders make better decisions about the company’s future, in terms of share distribution, merging or selling.

Feasibility Study

A feasibility study from Perpetual will assess your business plan, and provide actual expected outcomes based on market research and financial forecasts.



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