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business valuation in saudi arabia


Never underestimate the value of knowing how much is your business is worth. The value of your company is based on market competition in Saudi Arabia and related regions like Riyadh and Jeddah, along with asset appraisals and income values. A company valuation should be performed every twelve months to ensure that you are fully aware of your current financial standing and ensure further growth.

The knowledge of your financial value helps you to make better decisions, and Perpetual can ensure you are well positioned, armed with the information you need. We have been working with businesses across Saudi Arabia (Riyadh and Jeddah) to ensure they have a clear picture of their business worth.

Why You Need A Valuation

Complete Understanding of Company Assets

A financial analyst does not deal with estimates; they deal with facts. A valuation firm will give specific figures during the valuation processes to make sure you have the right insurance coverage and how to make the maximum profit if you are selling the business.

Business Resale

A company valuation in Saudi Arabia is critical if you are looking to sell. By knowing the true value, you can ask for the right price and confirm that you are getting good offers in return. A business evaluation will also help during the negotiation of a higher selling price or let you know if you need to increase your assets and overall value before selling the business for the price you want.

Acquisitions and Mergers

Be it via a sale, merger or acquisition; you should always receive what your company is worth. A company valuation ensures that you know how much that is. Other parties will attempt to get the best price possible, make sure you know where to draw the line.

Investor Interest

All investors will require a business valuation prepared by a financial analyst or valuation firm if they are considering your business as an investment. They need to ensure their interests are safe, risks are, and they have the best chance for return, and you will be required to have this information readily available for them.

Other Services

Financial Modeling

Delivering financial forecasts that can save you valuable time, and suggesting the best mix of debt and equity to obtain to help you plan for a successful future.

Feasibility Study

A feasibility study from Perpetual will assess your business plan, and provide actual expected outcomes based on market research and financial forecasts.

Business consulting

We support our clients and help them navigate through the myriad of business choices and challenges, prioritising those which make sense to them and arriving at solutions that best fit their needs.


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